Head of IngeniousApplications Gaming

He is not only just the Head of IngeniousApps Gaming. He is also truly talented at what he does for the team. Hightech_TR, known in IA Gaming as Hightech_TR on Twitch, leads the team with creating quality content for the viewers. He ran, at the time of this writeup, three exclusive series for IA Gaming. The Derpcraft Series is most notable. Having a shaky start with Season 1, Season 2 is going strong, with the plan of Season 3 in the minds of the DerpCrew. He has done (or is doing) blind playthroughs of two other games, Deltarune Chapter 1 and Borderlands 2. More games have been planned to be streamed exclusively for IA Gaming. Hightech_TR on Twitch is the gold standard for content in IA Gaming, the one everyone wants to follow. He also acts as a quality check barrier of sorts, to ensure that content by other IA Gaming members are up to standard. IA Gaming would not be anywhere without Hightech_TR.