HoloCure | Blind Playthrough Ep. 1 | Hightech_TR on Twitch

When the worlds of Vampire Survivors and Hololive collide, this is the result. Hightech_TR takes control of Hololive talents as they fight off fans blinded by uncontrollable love.


Minecraft | Derpcraft Series 2 Best Moments - Courtroom Chaos | Hightech_TR on Twitch

The mystery of the Dark Poppy begins. Hightech_TR, ItsKristinG and Gesikai investigate to find the culprit behind the pranks, and when they accuse of SNGTech, things get a bit heated. Especially when TNT and extremely sharp pork chops are involved.


Deltarune Chapter 2 | Blind Playthrough Ep. 6 BONUS - That Was Quick | Hightech_TR on Twitch

Hightech_TR faces Spamton again, realising that this fight was nowhere near Jevil in terms of difficulty. Either way, there were more things to see after beating Queen again.

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