11 April 2020

Minecraft | Derpcraft Season 2 Ep. 12 - Vandalism Hurts | Hightech_TR on Twitch

While Hightech_TR pranks ItsKristinG with lots of trees, Philia, the new kid on the block, decides to go vandalise some things, making Hightech_TR ragequit in the process. Drama ensues.

8 March 2020

Minecraft | Derpcraft Season 2 Ep. 11 - The SNGTech Mocking Room | Hightech_TR on Twitch

Hightech_TR takes a small room in ItsKristinG's house. Wondering what to do with it, he creates a little shrine dedicated for mocking SNGTech. Hayatokundesu also joins the crew for the first time, who decided to duel with SNGTech.

30 November 2019

Minecraft | Derpcraft Season 2 Ep. 10 - An Explosive IA Anniversary | Hightech_TR on Twitch

IngeniousApplications turns one! In this anniversary special stream, Hightech_TR, ItsKristinG, SNGTech, MiniEmerald and DarkyNeko celebrate in a few ways, including blowing up a village and breaking the server.

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